Sound Science Podcast with Dr. Yewande Pearse
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Born of a mutual love of science and music, Yewande believes that science is for everyone and music is a universal language. Sound Science Podcast is a monthly podcast about the science stories that affect our lives and have in some way influenced music. With the help of experts in the fields of both music and science, Yewande brings you stories straight out of the lab that will make you hear science differently.

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    Why Heart Break Feels like Physical Pain

    Think about the last physical pain you experienced vs. how it felt when you broke up with an ex. On the surface, these two events are completely different. However, cultures around the world use the same language—words like “hurt” and “pain”—to describe both experiences. This month on Sound Science, we explore what is going on in your brain when you experience emotional pain and why social pain, is more than just a metaphor.